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            Weiser Deadbolts

            Maximum Security.
            Uncompromising Strength.
            Cutting Edge Design.


            Protect your home with BHMA Grade 1 deadbolts.

            Round Weiser deadbolt lockRound Weiser deadbolt lock

            Mechanical Deadbolts

            Electric deadbolt

            Electronic Deadbolts

            Electronic touch deadbolt

            Smart Deadbolts


            Rigorous Testing. Proven Performance.

            Lock picking, bumping and force attack challenge
            Thumbnail of Lock picking, bumping and force attack challenge
            Quality Test Facility Video
            Thumbnail of Quality Test Facility Video
            Downtown deadbolt featuring SmartKey in satin nickel with Halifax lever in satin nickel leading into a family room

            Mechanical Deadbolts


            Mechanical deadbolts provide the ultimate in security. They are simple to install and come in a large variety of price points, styles and finishes.

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            SmartCode 5 electronic lever in satin nickel

            Electronic Deadbolts


            Electronic deadbolts let you say goodbye to keys and enjoy a simpler way to access your home. Just punch in your entry code. With customizable entry codes you can provide temporary access to contractors, babysitters and disable them with ease. Electronic locks provide great security and convenience.

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            Premis HomeKit compatible electronic deadbolt in iron black with lisbon lever in iron black leading into a living room

            Smart Deadbolts


            Smart locks can wirelessly communicate with your smart phone, tablet or internet connected devices. Access your lock from anywhere and never worry about if you have forgotten to lock your door again.

            View All Smart Deadbolts
            Key Control deadbolt in satin nickel

            Key-Control Deadbolts

            One-key control for multi-family housing.

            Weiser's Key Control Deadbolt, featuring SmartKey Re-key Technology, is a revolutionary cost and time-saving alternative to master keying. Re-keying a traditional master key system is labour intensive and costly. With the first and only two-cylinder Key Control Deadbolt, either cylinder can be re-keyed in seconds, without removing the lock from the door.

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            Inner workings of a weiser lock
            Are you a landlord or property manager?
            Get the ultimate Key Control - the smart alternative to master keying.
            Watch Video
            Thumbnail of Key Control Deadbolts - Mr. Jingles - HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
            Save time and money!
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